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Welcome to You Yoga Kidz!


Term 2 - November 06th, 13th, 20th and 27th, December 04th and 11th  (6 dates).


This is a 30 minute class for 4-9 year old's. 

The class would suit some 3 year old's, so let me know if you have a 3 year old that would like to join!

This class is focused around lots of stories, adventures and games packed full of fun.  We will be exploring different lands, planets and imaginary places.  There will be lots of characters to meet, animals and maybe even a few funny aliens along the way!!

This is a fun and interactive class where the children will strengthen their body through basic and maybe some more challenging yoga poses.

There will be a focus on mindfulness activities, useful breathing exercises and relaxation/visualization techniques.

Yoga gives children a chance to use their imagination, be creative, gain confidence and use their bodies in fun ways.

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