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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy

As social distancing measures begin to ease, I would like my students to know what measures I am taking as a business to ensure the safety of everyone who comes to class.

This policy will be updated as and when new guidelines are released by the government so please check back regularly.


I have reduced my class sizes dependent on the space available at the venue(s) where I will be teaching.

There will be time between classes, where necessary for me to ensure the space is clean and ready for the next class.

According to the current government guidelines a distance of at least 2 meters will need to be between each mat.  I will ensure this is clearly marked when you arrive.

I will be continuing to live-stream yoga classes for students who do not wish to join a class.  Details of these classes can be found on the book now page

Arriving to class

The following steps are in place to ensure people are not gathered outside the room and that there is ample opportunity for you to get ready for the class in terms of making sure you are positioned at the correct distance from other members of the class and that your equipment is ready for use.

  • There will be a 15 minute window for you to arrive to class.  For example, if your class starts at 8pm, you will be able to come into the class at 7.45pm

      Please Note:  If you arrive after the class start time you will not be able to join the class and refunds will not be given

  • If you are waiting outside the room before the 15 minute window, please make sure you are social distancing and adhere to all information that the venue has provided

  • Hand sanitiser will be available as you come into class, please help yourself to this

  • During class if you begin to feel unwell with suspected COVID-19 symptoms you should leave the class immediately and return home to self-isolate in accordance with the government/NHS guidance and seek a COVID-19 test.


I would encourage you to purchase your own yoga equipment if you are attending classes regularly. 

Equipment can be purchased through me using the contact me page.

If you are bringing your own equipment please ensure that it is cleaned before bringing it into class.

I will have mats, bricks, blocks and belts that you are welcome to borrow during class.

Please adhere to the following steps when making use of the equipment and take note on the instructions on how to clean the equipment after use. 

The following information will be clearly displayed by the equipment to ensure correct procedures are always being followed:

  • Take the equipment you need for the class

  • A suggested donation of £1 can be placed in the trust box.  This will ensure that good quality eco-friendly cleaning products and cleaning cloths will always be available for everyone to use

  • Take a spray bottle and cloth with you.  This is yours for the duration of the class.  Wipe down and clean anything you wish to use to your satisfaction

At the end of class

  • Clean any equipment you have used using the cleaning product and cloth you collected at the beginning of class

  • Wipe down all equipment and put back as you found it

  • Put the used cloth in the bag provided for washing – this will be clearly labelled

  • Hand sanitiser will be available as you leave class, please help yourself to this

  • Ensure you maintain social distancing as you leave the space and the building adhering to the information provided by the venue

After leaving class

If you attended a class and have become unwell with suspected COVID-19 symptoms within 7 days after class you must inform me immediately and make sure you self isolate according to government guidelines.  I have a duty to inform the venue who will then follow the governments track and trace policy.


The venue(s) have their own in-house cleaning procedure and risk assessment in place which is inline with the current government guidelines.  I also have my own risk assessment for each venue.  If you would like further details on either of these, please contact me and I will make sure you receive the details.

As part of the governments track and trace system your name and contact number will be noted down and kept for 4 weeks in case the information is required by the venue.  After 4 weeks this information will be destroyed.

Student Health and Safety

  • You must declare any pre-existing health conditions before coming to class.  Contact me and I will advise if it is safe for you to come to class

  • If you wish to use face masks in common areas, feel free to do so

  • Change out of your kit as soon as possible after leaving class

  • Physical adjustments will not be given to students, instead, verbal cues will be used for alignment and safety

  • If you feel unwell or anyone in your household has has symptoms within the last 7 days – YOU MUST STAY AT HOME 

Teacher Health

Classes will be cancelled and students who have booked on will be informed as soon as conveniently possible if I am unable to teach a class.  If this happens, you will be able to reschedule your class.  This includes individual class passes and 6 or 12 class passes.

By us all taking these steps it will ensure that we are all doing what we can to significantly reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

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