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Practicing Yoga with Babies

Postnatal Yoga

Learn how to strengthen and restore your postnatal body in a nurturing environment

My postnatal yoga classes offer you a safe, friendly and comfortable space for you to re-establish your yoga practice from 6 weeks postpartum.

I aim to help new Mum's to tune into their new bodies and start to move again.

You are welcome to bring your babies with you to class and enjoy some time exploring yoga whilst knowing your baby is safe and in a calming environment.

Classes are specially designed to help you transition into a hatha yoga class when you feel ready.

Postnatal Yoga is a great way of safely re-toning and strengthening the whole body whilst bonding with your baby amongst a community of other mums. The benefits of Postnatal Yoga include:

  • Strengthens pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles to regain core strength

  • Relieves tension in the upper body resulting from holding and feeding

  • Restores hormonal balance and eases pressure on the nervous system

  • Renews energy through rest and relaxation

  • Relieves stress, anxiety and depression

  • Improves posture, realigns the spine and improves balance

  • Allows reconnection with the body

  • Aids bonding between mum and baby

  • Provides the opportunity to connect and build friendships with other mums

  • Offers a nurturing environment in which to emotionally heal after a difficult pregnancy or birth

Whether you have a yoga practice already or are completely new to yoga, come and join me and other new Mums on the mat.

Postnatal Yoga: Service
Postnatal Yoga: Testimonials

Following attending pregnancy yoga I was keen to get back to classes as soon as I could. I recognised the importance of listening to my body and not rushing back into exercise. My body had already been through a lot with pregnancy and labour. 
Following my 6 week check with the GP and getting the green light, I signed up to Zara’s postnatal yoga classes. 
These classes we very different to the pregnancy classes, before I was focusing on my body and making it the best “home” for my baby and now my baby was there in front of me, and I wanted to make my body and mind stronger again for me and my baby. 
Some classes, all I managed was a few down dogs and hip circles as my daughter wanted to be held or fed (something which Zara actively encouraged) but other classes I amazed myself with how much I did and how strong my body was becoming again. 
As with pregnancy yoga, I built friendships, built my village around me. In classes we would have a catch up before the session started. Here we would laugh, cry and support each other. Zara was a constant - always there to laugh, cry and support us though the journey of motherhood.

Jenny Hole

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