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Ashtanga Yoga

You Yoga Men

Have you ever been the only man in a yoga class and felt a little uncomfortable?  And if you have, do you usually end up next to the most flexible person in the room?

Why not come and join other men on the mat in my class dedicated for the mans body.

Men and women are built very differently and as a yoga teacher it's important to recognise this.

My classes are great for men no matter what your level of fitness, your age or your body shape.  Connecting your mind and body through the breath and by listening to your body can be the perfect way to enjoy yoga and all it has to offer.

My top reasons for men to join a yoga class are:

  • Better posture and mobility

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Lengthens and strengthens muscles

  • Helps improve quality of sleep

  • Enhances your vitality, concentration and coordination

I would absolutely love to see you in class.

You Yoga Men: Classes
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