Pregnancy Yoga

"Everything I need to birth my baby is within me"

"I am ready and I am able"

"Birthing my baby is the ultimate act of love"

My pregnancy yoga classes offer you a safe, friendly and comfortable space from 14 weeks of pregnancy right through to birth.

I aim to help Mum's-to-be to tune into their bodies, connect with their babies and find their inner strength. 

By noticing what your body and baby are asking for, we can learn to slow down and invite a calmness and softness into our pregnancy while building strength and stamina.

Classes are specially designed to flow gently, offer breathing exercises along with meditation and vocal toning. 

You will be empowered to own your own birth and trust your inner wisdom.

Whether you have a yoga practice already or are completely new to yoga, come and join me.

Pregnancy Health Questionnaire
Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga